Our mission at the Community Foundation is to improve the quality of life in North Central Massachusetts through philanthropy.

Grant Making

The Community Foundation annually awards grants to local nonprofits in the areas of environment and animal welfare, education and career readiness, community enrichment, organizational development, community health, and racial equity. Learn More

Fiscal Sponsorship

We also serve as fiscal sponsor for nonprofits providing fiduciary oversight, financial management and other administrative services to help build the capacity of charitable projects. Learn More

Nonprofit Endowment Funds

Fifty-five nonprofit organizations have established endowment funds with the Community Foundation. By partnering with us, nonprofit organizations are able to build capital for current and future needs as well as leverage our fundraising expertise and reputation as a trusted steward of charitable dollars.

Community Convener

When an issue in our community arises, we bring nonprofits together to coordinate resources and empower them to solve the problem.