The Community Foundation is a public charity that manages charitable funds established by individuals, families, businesses and other non-profit organizations. As a professional advisor, you can feel confident about recommending the Community Foundation of North Central Massachusetts to your clients.We provide the highest quality fund management, offer deep knowledge of the region's needs and the nonprofit organizations best positioned to meet them, and convene stakeholders to address and solve critical region-wide issues.

Alice and Peter von Loesecke

Peter and Alice von Loesecke worked with their Professional Advisor, who recommended the Community Foundation of North Central Massachusetts to establish the von Loesecke Family Charitable Fund. "We found the Foundation to be professional and great to work with. It is well connected to local organizations and, as such, it was our number one choice when we shifted our charitable giving focus to a more local geographic area. " says von Loesecke. The fund supports organizations that help people improve themselves, offer unique educational opportunities, or offer educational enrichment. "We hope that through our giving, people in the area who are trying to change their circumstances or redirect their lives will be able to succeed."