Administrative fee supports the work in our region of the Community Foundation of North Central Massachusetts. It is one of the driving forces for donors in their decision to partner with us. They like that the fee is going back into the community.

To support these activities and the broader work of the Community Foundation, the Foundation charges an annual fee. The fee is calculated as 1/12th% of the fund’s market value at the end of each month.

The Board of Directors may make reasonable adjustments to fees from time to time. The current fee schedule is shown below.

Fund type Fee
Donor Advised (unendowed)
First $5 million1.25%
Amounts over $5 million0.50%
Scholarship (unendowed)1.25%
Fiscal Sponsor1.00% (plus 4% fee on each transaction)
Endowed funds that distribute according to the CF policy
First $2 million1.25%
Between $2m - $5m0.50%
Over $5 million0.25%

Minimum annual fee of $250