Recent events have highlighted the persistent and systematic ways that both implicit bias and institutional racism have contributed to depriving Black, Hispanic and other people of color from reaching their full potential in education, health and economic development. This deprives North Central Massachusetts of strong, active, and inclusive relationships between a diversity of residents.

In response to this complex and pervasive problem, Sue and Bob Lotz made an initial financial gift to create the Racial Equity Fund for North Central Massachusetts. This donation will serve as a catalyst to attract like-minded individuals and organizations to this cause and have them consider making financial gifts that will expand and deepen the impact of the Racial Equity Fund.

“When Sue and Bob first approached the community foundation with this idea, I was thrilled to assist them in establishing the Racial Equity Fund,” said Linda Mack, vice president of Philanthropy. “It addresses a need in our community and has the potential to have a huge positive impact.”

The Racial Equity Fund is an endowed fund that will promote more just, equitable and compassionate communities in North Central Massachusetts by providing grants to non-profit organizations working to advance racial equity and social justice. The fund is focused on advancing racial justice and equity by identifying and working with non-profits that have professional experience and effective programs to serve and empower Black, Hispanic and other communities of color.

An advisory committee has been established that includes community members who represent the diversity of North Central Massachusetts, as well as board members of the Community Foundation:

  • Lucy Crocker Abisalih
  • Steve Adams
  • Ed Denmark
  • Sheila King-Goodman
  • Ted Lapres
  • Sue Lotz
  • Linda Mack
  • Donata Martin
  • Charisse Murphy
  • Miggie Velez
  • Leona Whetzel

The staff and committee will work to coordinate and amplify philanthropic interest in our community for the growth of this fund. Every gift, whether large or small, will make a real difference. Donate here.

Pictured left to right: Charisse Murphy, Ted Lapres, Leona Whetzel, Sue Lotz, Steve Adams, Meghan Maceiko and Sheila King-Goodwin.