The Community Foundation of North Central Massachusetts (CFNCM), an organization serving the charitable interests of donors throughout 33 communities in the north central region of the Commonwealth, is now accepting online grant applications for its Environmental Preservation and Animal Welfare Grant Program. The goal of this endowed fund is to preserve, restore and provide public access to the natural environment of the region and to promote the humane treatment of animals through education, advocacy and services.

“Maintaining and preserving the beautiful natural resources in our region contributes to the quality of life we enjoy here,” said Stephen Adams, president of the Community Foundation. “This fund also recognizes the importance domestic animals have in our lives and hearts, and helps to support their welfare.”

Last year, the Environmental Preservation and Animal Welfare Grant Program provided support to 11 non-profits, including the City of Fitchburg DPW for its Coggshall Park Northern Watershed Trail Maintenance and Access Project, GAAMHA Inc. for the Carl E. Dahl House Livestock Rescue and Animal Welfare Program, the North County Land Trust for the Ebenezer Keyes Conservation Area, and the Leominster Trail Stewards for the Hill Street Trail Project.

An online information session will be held on Friday, February 3 at 10 a.m. The CFNCM is accepting online grant applications through Friday, February 25, 2022, and award decisions will be finalized on April 8. More information is available on the Community Foundation website.

Examples of projects that would qualify for Environmental Preservation and Animal Welfare grants include those involving:

  • animal rescue, protection and placement
  • animal welfare education
  • land or water preservation
  • habitat restoration
  • improving public access to natural places
  • environmental or outdoor education

Applications must include what the grant funds will be used for, why the cause matters to North Central Massachusetts, measurable objectives and other details about the project. The CFNCM supports programs, projects and initiatives that address the Foundation's goals and action areas, are executed by nonprofit organizations, and align with the applicant's mission.