Community Foundation Introduces Improvements to Grant Making Program for 2020

The Community Foundation recently made several key changes to our competitive grant making process. The changes more clearly articulate our areas of focus, spread out the grant making across the year, bring more participants into the grant making process, and allow more thoughtful consideration of grant proposals.

We are excited to share these changes with you and hope they will both help attract more philanthropy to local efforts and better serve area non-profits:

Four categories of impact

Our new grant making process is now organized around four issue areas that reflect the work of the past several years:

• Environmental Preservation and Animal Welfare 

• Career Readiness and Educational Advancement

• Community Enrichment and Organizational Development

• Critical Community Needs 

New grant application timetable

For 2020, the Community Foundation’s grant application cycle will begin in April rather than January. We are using the time in between to develop new program guidelines, adopt new grant application software, and create new grant committees. 

The first round of grant reviews will focus on Career Readiness and Educational Advancement and Environmental Preservation and Animal Welfare, with a letter of interest due in early April. 

Going forward, grants will be awarded four times a year, according to area of focus. Applications will be accepted all year, but each focus area will have a specific annual deadline.

New on-line application process

Finally, we will be launching a new on-line grant application program that will improve the process for both applicants and grant reviewers.

The new grant approach is in development, so please keep an eye on in the coming weeks for more details.


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