Looking to the Future of the Community Foundation


With the announcement of Community Foundation President/CEO Philip Grzewinski retiring this year,  we highlight some of his experiences, his reflection on how far the organization has come,  and his hopes for the future.


When he retires in summer 2019, Philip Grzewinski will be succeeded by not one but two new executives—one to fill his role as President/CEO of the Community Foundation, and another to take over as President/CEO of the United Way of North Central Massachusetts.


Grzewinski has held both roles since he helped create the Community Foundation in 2001. He believes the time is right for the Community Foundation to have its own leader, particularly given how much it has achieved [JW2] with a relatively small amount of resources, having distributed $54 million in grants and accumulated over $50 million in assets since it was founded.


 “We recently did a study on community foundations, and we discovered that ours has the smallest staff size for the amount of assets compared to many of them,” says Grzewinski. “That was a real eye-opener. I attribute it in large part to the passion our staff, board members, and community stakeholders have for what we do.”


Reflecting on his own part in guiding the Community Foundation to its present-day success, Grzewinski says he is grateful to have had the opportunity to help build an organization from the ground-up.


“Not often does one’s career enable them to create something new, and with the Foundation, I was able to help create such a wonderful addition to the benefit of the community,” says Grzewinski. “The fact that we now need a new director makes me feel like I’ve done something especially unique.”


Grzewinski also has high hopes for the future of the organization he worked so hard to create.

“The Foundation is on a great trajectory and my hope is that when I check in on it after I leave, I will see it growing at the rate that it is going now, if not faster,” says Grzewinski. “I hope my legacy will be the continued good works the Foundation will do to improve the quality of life in our community.”


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The Foundation supports the community by giving grants and distributions in the areas of health and human services, education, environment, animal welfare and arts and culture.  We are a non-profit organization, dedicated to helping donors establish permanent endowment funds – benefiting the community forever and creating a lasting legacy for fund holders.

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