Foundation Achieves Historical Milestone with Five Women on Board

March is Women’s History Month, so it’s fitting that the Foundation made history by welcoming four amazing women to our board—bringing our membership to five women for the first time.   

We are honored to diversify and strengthen our board with the addition of these women who are making an impact in areas ranging from healthcare to education.  

We are also grateful for the continued dedication of Georgana Cochran, who has served as our Vice Chair for 15 years. Regarding her role, Cochran says,  

“I have found my time on the board to be one of discovery. As a Trustee, I expected that I would  learn much more about the needs of the area. What I had not anticipated was the enthusiasm and sheer volume of people in North Central Massachusetts who are committed to helping others. It’s been a welcome reminder of the everyday kindness all around us.” 

Please join us in extending warm greetings to our newest board members: Lucy Crocker Abisalih, Leslie Garrison, Tina Griffin, and Achla Bahl Madan. Here are a few words of excitement from our newest members: 

Lucy Crocker-Abisalih, Trustee and school committee member for multiple schools and non-profits. “The idea of linking compassionate people with resources to those who are passionately working to enrich the lives of people in north central Massachusetts is profoundly compelling. My hope is that I can help increase the positive impact that the Community Foundation has on these communities, which mean so much to the Crocker family.” 

Tina Griffin, DNP, FNP, Chief Operating Officer and Vice President for Patient Care Services for Heywood Healthcare’s Athol Hospital “I am honored to be on the board of the CFNCM and to be associated with an organization whose mission is to create a positive change in the communities it serves in the North Central Region. During my tenure I hope to continue this momentum and positively impact the quality of life for the population we serve.” 

Achla Bahl Madan, Minuteman International/ACHLA Designs “My goal or reason is to serve the needs of underprivileged in the community where I live and earn my living. I feel that so many people, especially children are deprived of basic life’s necessities for no fault of their own. I am also very disturbed by the lack of upward mobility for poorer segment of society due to either lack of know how or favorable opportunities.”


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